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We  offer  high quality care in South Orange County, insurance controls us as business owners on how long or what we can treat to make you better.  We try to offer alternative options and try to keep a personal longer hands on session for your benefit. 

Please inquire about flexible pricing, packages.

Physical Therapy Evaluation and Treatment: Out of Network Insurance

This option is for patients who would like to use their insurance plans.

*The patient will be responsible to submit a superbill which we will supply after each session. 

The average reimbursement is 20-80% of the insurance based allowed amount. This will vary depending on the options and structure of your insurance plan along with meeting the deductible.

Call and we can get an estimate prior to your visit or call your insurance directly to ask about coverage for out of network providers.

Physical Therapy Treatment: Out of Network Insurance

This is a direct one on one manual therapy session designed for the people who respect their bodies and need a body mechanic for higher level sport activity.  This is the professional level, elite treatment, focused on an Australian osteopathic approach aligning the spine, treating arthritis, and optimizing nerve root space. 

This is best for chronic pain and or an dysfunctions that didn't improve with standard treatments(Standard Physical Therapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, surgeries, pain medications).

Self Pay Evaluation and treatment (non Insurance)

This is a more indepth full body evaluation and treatment approach using biofeedback, spinal mobility testing, nerve tension testing, dynamic balance/reaction screening, and performance enhancement programming. 

This is still a focused manual therapy treatment including a specialized joint mobilization technique style, deep trigger point, ART, and nerve/fascial release/myofascial decompression cupping. 

Try it once and you will know or feel the difference.  Come preserve your body, curb your chronic pain, get a tune it up occasionally as we all need, or desire to perform at the highest level in their sport.

Self Pay Physio 60 (non insurance)

A specialized hands-on therapy session with a Doctor of manual therapy one on one for 45 min and pain-relieving modalities following treatment. We focus on a healing touch using spinal and or joint-specific mobilization, myofascial release, trigger point, ART, nerve mobilization, and myofascial stretching/strengthening program.
We focus on a manual approach using spinal mobilization.

Functional Strength training/Sports based Pilates Fusion

This is perfect for people wanting to transition from a Physical Therapy rehabilitation status or who have a specific complexity and want an individualized program to move forward to full body function.

Sports Massage or Post Op/Cancer treatment

We customize each session to the individual's needs and is complementary to any Physical Therapy rehabilitation program. A highly trained massage therapist will assist in your recovery and is safe due to her experience with post operative stages of healing.  This allows the Physical Therapist to communicate before seeing you about the specific concerns or areas of needed focus.  A team is being created for each individual, decreasing the potential of flare-ups, and allow for the best outcomes.

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