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Dr. Dustin Hancock, DPT, PT

Doctor of Physical Therapy and President

Dustin Hancock is a true Doctor of Movement and Physical Therapy.  His level of knowledge and understanding of how the body works is apparent.  He was a competitive skier and experience a bad accident fracturing his own lower back.  Sadly, this made him understand spinal pain making him understand better what approaches work best.  He loves the hard cases and utilizes an Australian based spinal mobilization and myofascial release treatment approach that is rarely used across the United States.

He has worked with some of the greatest clinicians developing new treatment approaches and engaged in mentorships with the best in the world.  Dustin has personal experience with neuromuscular dysfunctions since his younger brother has Cerebral Palsy and Cystic Fibrosis and with that passion to pursue advanced training in a neuromuscular and vestibular(balance) setting right out of his Doctorate Program.

He now is considered one of the best performance Physical Therapists in Orange County and works with many of the elite professional athletes of the world.  

He is excited to exceed your expectations and build relationships as he moves towards his inevitable future of pushing the limits of the human body.

Come see him in action and you may agree he loves what he does!


Katcha Minot

Elite Massage Therapist

Drawing on her experience as an engineer, Katcha's motto has become "How does the body work & how can I make it work better?"  She gets amazing pain relief results by working deep without discomfort, incorporating a "Less is More" approach.  She works with a wide range of clients - from the medically fragile to the professional athlete.  Clients who are preparing for competition, recovering from injury, reconstructive or cosmetic surgery, & joint replacements as well as those going through cancer treatments.

Olivia T_IMG_3246_edited_edited.jpg

Olivia Trevino

Physical Therapy Tech/Corrective Movement Specialist

Olivia has a empathetic heart and passion to bring biofeedback techniques. She has detailed corrective cues to improve our postures and a skill set to evaluate or correct our faulty movement patterns.

She has many years of working in Physical Therapy, Polestar Pilates based Rehabilitation, and Strength Training settings making her great to work with clients looking to stay strong, but have old injuries that need specific modifications.

Come see and enure your are doing your exercises correctly. 

Sean P_IMG_3228_edited_edited.jpg

Sean Peck

Physical Therapy Tech, Soccer Strength and Conditioning, and Corrective Movement Specialist

Sean Peck treats every patient who comes their way with patience and compassion.

As a assistant soccer coach, he plays an important role in developing good young athletes, but being a mentor to these growthing young adults.  He is now hungry to learn more about the rehabilitation aspect in our Physical Therapy Clinic and are one of our most popular staff members.

Come learn from his experience and get Stronger, Faster, Better! 

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