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4 Mechanisms of Muscle Growth

1-Mechanical tension: The muscle and tendon junctions have receptors to measure tension or mechanical loads and if done correctly will stimulate a growth hormone release cycle.

So lift heavy more often to wake up the hormones levels and grow.

2-Muscle Damage- Work out hard and the soreness you feel is muscle fiber micro trauma. If done correctly, the muscles will align and get thinker making you stronger in the direction.

If you lift often and have not felt sore in awhile, then every 8 weeks change your training program to erase the plateau effect.

3-Metabolic stress- Under longer duration loads of exercise the body pulls blood into muscle, breaks down fats for energy, and floods the muscle with growth factors.

4-Neuro drive: This is a secret weapon to many great athletes. THE NERVOUS SYSTEM. It can be 3-5x stronger than anything else in your body as it connects to your brain. There is a area in the brain called the limbic system and it stores the emotional responses. Love, fear, passion, and these are key to pushing yourself during training or competition.

Back to the nerve connection and how it relates to maximum muscle fiber firing patterns, speeds, traction time, efficiency, and real power to push past moment of weakness.

How do I make great athletes stronger and faster, I test people’s nervous system tension, dynamic balance, and joint mobility. It can be used to rule out spinal damage but also the strength transfer efficiency as it moves from brain to spinal cord to nerves to the muscles in the legs and arms. If we find a tight set of nerves or dynamic stability weakness, I prescribe a nerve flossing sequence and show you what normal should look or feel like. I also give athletes as nerve mobility dynamic warm up before racing or training integrating breath work.

It is easy and awesome!

Come by Define Wellness and PT for a detailed consultation, athlete level evaluation and or treatment to know more about your body and how to preserve it better.

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Dustin Hancock, PT, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy Specialized Manual Therapist(Maitland +Paris) Natural and Newton Run Coach Specialized BG Fit Certified Level 2 Polestar Pilates Performance/Rehab. Trained


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